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Our marketing team stands at the forefront of our organization creating direction for our clients by utilizing clear understanding of trends, insights and competitive analysis.

Research and analytics also play a key role in our success through the sourcing and mining of critical data. JL International invests in Technomic, an important research tool which allows us to have access to best in class research on trends in the food service, consumer and customer data.

Leading edge CRM technology allows us to offer real time updates and enables segmentation of data by:

  • Markets
  • Distributors
  • Account type
  • Account size
  • Geography
Sales/Category Expert

Backed by Marketing and Analytics, JL Account Managers, Distributor Managers and Sales Representatives are the face of JL and are there to identify gaps and opportunities on foodservice operators menus or in distributor warehouses.

JL Account Managers, Distributor Managers and Sales Representatives utilize Culinary Ideas, Marketing, Sales and product data to fill those gaps and opportunities with our clients products.

Managing our client’s sales starts with their products being assigned to a division. That division has a focused brand leader that will manage our client’s business and ensure plans are developed, executed and monitored.

Automation & Technology

Our commitment to Technology has been a pillar to our success since our inception.

Today, we are proud to launch our new JL Custom Customer Relationship Management and Sales tool.

All JL Reps are equipped with Tablets that have 3G, 4G or LTE capabilities on all these devices to ensure they have access to the internet throughout the sales call to ensure seamless information sharing.

Our order desk is able to accept EDI orders, web based orders through our accounting and purchasing software we introduced in 2013.

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Corporate Communications
  • Distributor and Key Account Mailings
  • Promotional/Training Videos
  • Email Blasts
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Market Trends
  • Food Show Management
  • Quarterly JL Update
  • Development and management of POS and POP
  • Promotions
Warehousing & Logistics

CDC Foods, a sister company of JL International redistributes several of JL International’s client’s products.


CDC Foods manages the transportation of goods from manufacturing facilities to the foodservice distributors. CDC Foods comprehensive end–to-end services include:

  • Quick order pick up, delivery and reduces overall minimums for all distributors.
  • Eliminating the complications associated with shipping logistics, cross-border custom releases and doing business in different currencies.
  • Shipping coast-to-coast through our own and third-party warehouse facilities located in B.C., Alberta, and Ontario.
  • Managing and registering your products to adhere to the import licensing requirements that are set out by the CFIA.
Customer Service
  • Receiving and execution of distributor orders
  • Administration and management of distributor listings
  • Representative and client reporting
  • Administration of supplier initiatives
  • End User and distributor program management
  • Trade spend and bill back administration and management
  • Customer complaint protocol administration as per client protocol and our ISO 9001 protocols
  • Producing and administration of sample kits and sales tools
Corporate Chef & Culinary Expert

Corporate Chef and Culinary Ideation

  • Product development for end users
  • Product testing for suppliers
  • Product presentations, training and education of products for end users, distributors and our sales team
  • Menu development and operational insight for key accounts
Quality & Assurance